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Kinetico Brand Water Treatment is a global leader in the water treatment industry, specializing in Non-Electric Water Treatment options.

JFDWater is powered by JFDenney Plumbing llc who has been serving customers in the greater Kansas City area since 1952.

JFDWater along with Kinetico bring the power of customizable water treatment solutions for every size home and business in greater Kansas City.



What Customers Are Saying

Reviewed by John F
"I have several aquariums at home and was looking for options to get more control over the water quality when I do regular water changes and add tap water to the tanks. I bought a portable reverse osmosis system and was thinking it might be helpful to have some sort of whole-house water filtration to reduce contaminants prior to them flowing into the RO system and my other personal uses of household water as well. I don’t particularly like soft water, so I was not looking for a water softener system. I went to Home Depot to check out what..."
Reviewed by William P- Manhattan, KS
"(KC) Keziah thanks for all the help with the water system. We really noticed a big change in the water quality-it is Great! Working with you was easy and stress free which is nice. Thanks again William "
Reviewed by Molly & Weston Coble
"We just moved into our new construction home and decided it was in our best interest to invest in a de-chlor and whole house water system. Keziah came out and gave us a demonstration and we installed shortly after. Keziah was great and the installers at J.F. Denney were great to work with as well. We love our system. Thanks."
Reviewed by Cristi DeSimone
"We've had our system about a month, but we love it so far! With the reverse osmosis system in our old house, we were being called monthly to change filters. Also, it seemed like we were adding salt constantly to maintain our water. Our water was even beginning to taste salty. This system has a lot less filter changes and doesn't require half as much salt. It is so much easier to maintain."
Reviewed by Chad McVey
"We love our new Kinetico water treatment system. We could immediately tell a difference in the softness of the water. After going without for 2 years we have had our new system for about a year now and we will never do without again. It has been a very low maintenance system and the installation was very neat and clean."
Reviewed by Jacob Henderson
"We like our Kinetico softener very much--thank you."
Reviewed by Alan B. Wigodner
"I purchased a Kinetico S650, 1060 dechlor, and K5 drinking water system. It has been in use for a little over a year and works very well. Our salesman Jason Davis did a good job of explaining the benefits of the system. Jarod did a fine job installing. The system is very water efficient and doesn't use much salt in the flushing process. We have only needed to fill it with salt once in a year and there is still plenty left. I would say that this is a quality system. The soft..."
Reviewed by Charlotte
"The system was installed a few months ago and water is now noticeably soft. Here's why a Kinetico is worth the extra money: 1. it never stops softening your water-- even if the power goes out, even if it's regenerating. 2. It regenerates based on how much water you use, as opposed to using a timer. 3. It only takes 15 minutes (maybe less?) to regenerate--that's a lot of water being saved."
Reviewed by Clinton Cohagan
"My wife and I had been talking about getting a water softener for years. I had one growing up and knew what a difference it can make for your hair and skin. We had looked at others, but then we found out about the Kinetico system (both from a family recommendation and at Home Depot). So we setup an appointment with Keziah, and the next week had our water system installed. Wow what a difference! We wish we had done this sooner. We feel there are many advantages with Kinetico over traditional water softening systems, and..."
Reviewed by Lisa Bittel
"We used to have a standard Kenmore water softener, but were talked into the much more expensive Kinetico system by the JF Denney staff person years ago. It has been a disappointment every day we have had it. Never has it softened the water as well as the less-expensive Kenmore version. We had Denney's out repeatedly to fix it. They told us was the problem was that we needed another more expensive carbon filtering system. We bought it, and it also made no difference in our water. The hard water score of our water..."
Reviewed by chris seneff
"After having the system for over 2 months, I love my reverse osmosis and water softener systems! I started out just wanting to get my water tested, but when Keziah came and did the tests, I knew I couldn't settle for hard water anymore. . My coffee tastes so much better in the morning and every day I take 2 liters of water to work. I’ve become a water snob. I hate it when I don’t have my water to drink and have to settle for other water. My clothes are also brighter whiter and cleaner..."
Reviewed by Rachel Baker
"We purchased the RO system when I was pregnant with our first over six years ago. One of the smartest purchases we have ever made for our now family of five. Health is a priority in our home, so getting clean water, free of fluoride & chlorine was of utmost importance. Our salesman, Jason Davis, is very knowledgable & answered all of our questions. The installation and maintenance of our system has always been Jared who is prompt, skilled & friendly. We are always telling others about our Kinetico system & JF Denney! "
Reviewed by Martha Rivera
"Jared was fast and efficient putting in the softener. We had additionally contracted for the drinking water purification system but they could not install using the holes that were currently in the granite countertop as they had indicated at purchase. We did not want additional holes in our countertop so we decided to eliminate that part of the system. If you purchase thru Home Depot and are going to use Home Depot financing beware that the store is not familiar with what Kinetico will accept as discounts. They assured us that we would get $25 off..."
Reviewed by Carol
"This is the second home I have installed a Kinetico water system. We would never buy anything else! Thanks. "
Reviewed by M. A.
"Love my new K5 reverse osmosis and water softener systems!! Jason provides amazing customer service and makes sure that you are 100% satisfied with your Kinetico experience! I had a small issue with an air tank, and the Kinetico team made sure that it was fixed immediately! Wonderful, wonderful team AND water systems. I have so much peace of mind knowing that I'm drinking and using good water in my home."
Reviewed by Shirlee Rusk
"We purchased a Kinetico water system, the dechlorinator, S850 and K5 RO water system on 10/6/2014. Keziah from Kinetico met with us and talked about what we were looking for in an RO system, after discussing options and some water testing we decided to purchase the whole system. Keziah was very friendly and professional answering all our questions. It was installed the next day by Jared from J.F. Denney Plumbing & Heating. It was done in about 2 hours, he was professional, knowledgeable and answered all our questions. We LOVE the steady supply of RO water and having soft water..."
Reviewed by Ted Stanfield
"This is the very first time in 46 years of home ownership that we researched and purchased a water treatment system. After countless visits to various businesses that offer these types of foreign systems, we chose the Kinetico Water Treatment System from Home Depot and J.F. Denney Plumbing. Employees from both companies were simply outstanding from the time our project started, through installation, and final follow-up of any questions or concerns. J.F. Denny Plumbing is not your typical run of the mill plumbing contractor who can make the job harder than it needs to be, like forgetting tools, parts, or..."
Reviewed by Yousef
"Great service. Impressive installation. "
Reviewed by Justin
"We have been very happy with our new water treatment system through J.F. Denny/Kinetico, Jason was awesome with working us out a plan to meet our needs since we wanted to try by renting first. Thank you!"
Reviewed by Steve Nichols
"Outstanding Water Treatment System! We had an excellent saleman Jason come out and give me a full run down on my water and brought numerous tests to see exactly what we needed. It was shocking to see what was in our water! So we decided to get the whole house filtration system (water softener, dechorinator, and K5 r/o system) and I have to say its been wonderful. We have seen a drastic improvement in our children's health and our health. Since getting the system our appliances are cleaner and will last longer due to no..."


JFDenney Plumbing has been serving the Kansas City area since 1952. JFDenney is proud to be the only authorized Kinetico Brand Water Treatment provider in the Kansas City Area.

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With over 300 Years Combined Experience in Plumbing and Water Treatment. JFDenney has Master Plumbers and Water Treamtent Specialists that can solve any plumbing and water treatment problem for your Home or Business.

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With more than 60 years serving the Kansas City area, JFDenney has strived to provide the best products, and customer service in the industry. 

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